May 20, 2018

Top 10 Grid Down Apartment Preps: Survival | Camping | Prepping Gear

Complete Apartment Prep Gear List Here

Get your DFS Micro+ Survival Kit Here:
USE Code DFS10 for additional 10% off: 30% off MSRP

Water Bricks & Wise Company Courtesy of Camping Survival:

WAZOO USA Made Wearable Survival Gear:

Water Brick (Blue):
Water Brick (Tan):
Water Brick Spigot:
Water Bricks (Tan): 8 Bricks
Water Bricks (Blue): 8 Bricks
Indestructible Umbrella:
Mtn House Essentials Bucket:
Mtn House 4 Day Food Supply:
Wise Company Entree' Bucket:
Valley Food 30 Day Food Kit:
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Station:
Goal Zero 100 Watt Solar Panel:
Anker 21 Watt Solar Panel:
Anker 26800 Mah Battery:
USB-c RavPower 26800 Mah Battery:
Hydro Blu Jerry Can:
Hydro Blu Versa Flow Filter:
Hydro Blu 3 Stage SideKick:
Hydro Blu Go Flow Water Kit:
Buy The Bear Bowl Here:
HydraPak Seeker:
SERE Strips MilSpec Fire Tinder:
Extreme All Weather FireStarter:
Military Speedhook Fishing Kit:
Rugged Powerbank Battery:
WorkSharp Field Sharpener:
Kabar Jarosz Choppa:
RooPax Hammock:
Atactical A1S Flashlight 1150 Lumens:
Waterproof Socks:
Goal Zero Micro Lantern:
Goal Zero Micro Flash Lantern:
Cold Steel Spear Short:
Cold Steel Boar Spear:
35yd Roll Gorilla Tape:
Family 4PK Walkie Talkies:
Portable NOAA Radio:
10PK CHEM Lights:
Epic Wipes: 10pk
Wysi Wipe 100 Pack:
Compressed Towels 500 Pack:
EZ Towels 50 Pack:
Sh!T Kit 20 Pack:
Potty Pack 20 Pack:
Coleman Camp Soap 50 sheet Pack:
Survival Med FIRST AID Kits:

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