January 12, 2019

The REAL Government Shutdown - Civil Unrest and SHTF Sheepdogs

Today on Bear Independent, we're talking about what happens when the Sheepdogs decide that the sheep aren't worth defending anymore- The REAL Government Shutdown 2019 scenario that no one is talking about. I mean, talk about SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI,...! When the first responders, military, and LEOs stop showing up for work, we're going to have a problem. Trump and his wall aren't going to fix that.

I think in a real-world SHTF TEOTWAWKI WROL situation, that Sheepdogs are going to be invaluable, and without them we are looking at an actual Government shutdown resulting in civil unrest. Probably a good idea not to piss them off too much now. The Social Justice warriors (SJWs) are not going to like it much if a transition is made from verbal sparring with the likes of Ben Shapiro, Jocko, or Tim Kennedy and instead transition into open combat with the likes of US Military veterans, LEOs, firefighters, EMTs, and such.

Think about the total devastation in SHTF WROL TEAOTWAWKI if LEOs, EMTs, firefighters, and the US Military stop showing up to work? That's the real government shutdown. That in of itself is a literal disaster. The Sheepdog is a vital part of society, and if the Sheepdog abhors the sheep, things are really going to go sideways- true civil unrest, maybe even civil war or chaos. Trump can't build a wall in chaos.

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