November 27, 2018

Surviving Economic Collapse: Prepping for when SHTF

When the debt levels finally become impossible to maintain, the United States, and many countries around the world, could see a financial collapse or system reset that could make it very hard and even impossible for many people to survive. The fiat banking system has created countless dependants that are now incapable of being self sufficient and has made living and getting basic necessities an impossibility for many Surviving in an area that has no food on the store shelves will either cause people to work together or tear each other apart. Pick your neibhors wisely!

Are you ready to stay home and ride out the storm or will you be forced to bug-out off the grid? We look at some of the most important tools and skills that we might need to survive a financial meltdown or other disaster as we discuss: shelters, survival locations, water filtration, keeping warm, bartering, precious metals, cryptos, food storage, self defense, and much more.

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