February 23, 2019

Survival - How To Use Spray Paint To Communicate If The SHTF

When a disaster strikes and you are forced to evacuate, how will you know if group or family members have already been to a location? How will you know if it's safe? What if they already moved on to a secondary retreat. Should you stay and wait? Go back and get them? or move on to Plan B? All of these problems can be solved by making a plan today.

Use this analog system that only required spray paint (or another weather resistant alternative) and a compass.

Choose a side of your location to start at. Move 15 paces south from that location. Turn around to view your location and look in the north eastern direction for a pre determined symbol. This can be a line, a graphic, a word, anything. It must be a marker that only your group will know.

Some common symbols:
* Blank = no one has arrived yet
*_____ = I am here
*_____ = I arrived and it was not safe. I am nearby.
*_____ = I arrived and it was not safe. I moved on to Plan B.

Of course the code that you use should be only known by your family or your group.

If no code is found at the first 15 pace mark, make a secondary marking region 15 more pace... until you have exhausted the potential areas for that location. This will ensure that your group does not panic or move on prematurely in a disaster setting.

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