November 27, 2018

Sniper Tactics Training SHTF Defense & Tactics Series - Urban Survival Grey Man #1s

This is part of the SHTF Defense & Tactics Series. A series dedicated to offer the training and procedures that can be adapted into an organized defense plan for protecting the group in any type of SHTF, WROL, EROL or even worse situation.
This is video number 1s in the Sniper Branch of the SHTF D&T Series.
This video begins with the very first basic considerations to develop and determine as your group or individuals decide to employ Sniper tactics and Counter Sniper Tactics. This is a HUGE subject and could never be even somewhat covered in one video. So, this is a series that will in depth explore all various aspects of the Sniper. From the initial decision to begin training to the most advanced techniques ever taught. There will be multiple videos in this series and they will also lead directly into the Combat training & techniques. Keep in mind though, that this first video is laying the groundwork for further developments. This video discusses many aspects and focuses on the use of a ballistic calculator for some of the manual calculations. The next video will focus on manually making these calcs and advanced recon skills.

The Apocalypse will change everything. If we Survive the Initial Event...What Happens? That's what this series is all about...It's about what comes next, it's about the Long Term. Living, instead of simply Surviving...
This video discusses Sniper Tactics.

Hopefully this video helps thinking about some of the circumstances and problems that can and will arise when bugging out of an urban type setting.

This is part of the SHTF Defense and Tactics Series. This video is the first of several parts.
This video gives a basic outline and discusses various scenarios or environments we may encounter. The topics discussed here are introductions to some of the subjects and make great starting points for developing a plan. Each video in this series will build upon the last and the last. This will enable us to have a library of training videos and information.
There is no way of determining exactly what may happen or where it may occur. So, when an event does occur, it is very possible, maybe highly probable that a survivor would be in an unfamiliar location. It is also highly possible that the people a survivor is with at the moment of the event are strangers.
The purpose of this video is to help those who may find themselves in this type of situation, to have the skills and tools necessary.

Part #1 of this video:

The Topics to be discussed in the upcoming videos are:

Ambush & Counter Ambush
Basic Combat
Sniper & counter Sniper Techniques & Tactics
Advanced Combat Techniques & Tactics
Watches & Posts
Communications & Electronics
Rebuilding Electronic Devices & Similar
Transportation - Various Methods
Electricity & Power - How to
Primary lines of defense
Secondary lines of defense
Egress & Evac Routes
Food & Water Aspects
Hand Held Weapons Combat
Self Defense, featuring videos on hand to hand, close quarters, mid
Range and long range combat.
Weapons & Ammo Reloading options
Physical & Mental Challenges
Training before the event.
and Many Other Subjects.
The goal is to have a library of tactics in this series, once it is complete.
Check out the Website:

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Nuclear War:

Nuclear Effects:

Survival Gear for Nuclear Events:

Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.

SHTF: Defense & Tactics Series Small Groups - Booby Traps - Ambush - Pt 2
All footage used shot by Serious Survivor from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. Stock Footage and pictures from Videoblocks, Storyblocks, Adobe Stock, Bigstock and US Archives. Sound and Audio Stock from YouTube stock and Audioblocks. All other footage, picture and audio used under Fair Rights Act & Laws.

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