December 31, 2018

RimWorld / EP 44 - Prepping for Disaster/ Extreme Desert Challenge

The Challenge:

Living in an extreme desert trying to survive long enough to get off of this terrible planet. The storyteller is Cassandra Classic Merciless and the starting pawn is Charles "Omni" Rusted, a very skilled and passionate pawn and the win condition is to get him into space.

Here are some additional optional rules:
No cannibalism
No butchering humans
No organ harvesting
No tainted apparel.
You can do missions, but you cannot harvest resources from any other areas other than your home zone.

The starting pawn is Charles "Omni" Rusted, a fairly skilled and passionate pawn and the win condition is to get him into space.

Good luck!

Here is the save game file for your enjoyment:





My personal stance on mods:
I like to play games as vanilla as I can, I'll consider UI mods and mods that do not in any way change fundamental game play, but I do not play with game play changing mods. On rare occasion I may run with full conversion mods. Seldom are exceptions made.

Interaction Bubbles:

Pick Up and Haul:

Fahrenheit and Celsius:

Color Coded Mood Bar:

Heat Map:

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