May 20, 2018

Primitive Technology & Wilderness Survival Skills - Underground Termite Clay Brick Hut

Primitive Technology & Wilderness Survival Skills - Underground Termite Clay Brick Hut

This video is about a Cambodian man trying to survive on his own by using Primitive Technology Tools to create Underground Termite Clay Brick Hut. He created this video to show what a human life would need if there were an apocalypse risen and we all were back to the stone age. He uses only stone to cut and carve through trees, vines, and others. If you want to learn to survive in the forest, you should watch this video as it won't be so hard to build a home or live in jungle a lone. This primitive survival life video will show you what you need and tools you should use to build almost everything you can imagine of from treehouse, mud bricks, to tools. I hope you appreciate and it will remind you of people who lived in primitive life and use their own survival skills to survive in the forest many many years ago. We believe that when it comes to survival it is very important that we, the human, know how to make tools from our own hand without using modern tools or technology. If you love this Underground Termite Clay Brick Hut video pls subscribe, comment, like and share to your friend so they can enjoy like you too.

The men in this video are real local people who lives in real forest and they make their living by fishing, trapping bird, building survival tools and more.

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