November 14, 2018

Prepping Your Truck?

A basic video I put together to show you how I make preparations to my vehicle in case of a disaster. Remember that not all SHTF situations are caused by the end of the world, or the collapse of Wall Street. It could very well be caused by mother nature or a distracted driver on the phone. Lets hope none of us have to use any of it.....I want to encourage anyone who has preps for their vehicles to list them below so that others may learn from you as well. Thank you.

Got to give a shout out to SOE for making insane gear:

Here is a link to the review of the IFAK featured in this video:

Gerber Seatbelt Cutter/Glass Breaker:

Leatherman Raptor:

The mount used in the video for my Ham Radio can be bought here:

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