November 13, 2018

Prepping 2018: The Biggest Lies New Preppers are Told

Prepping 2018: Starting prepping can be confusing. Many say you must be fully self-reliant, buy preppers supplies & a BOB to survive the zombie apocalypse, TEOTWAWKI or the SHTF, but these are all LIES!

This mentality discredits the prepping community and causes new preppers to get confused and overwhelmed. Although the zombie apocalypse COULD HAPPEN one day, you are far more likely to live through a bad hurricane or tornado that leaves you without power for a month and cut off from the outside world. These are the scenarios you should start prepping for FIRST.

In my opinion, your prepping goals should be as followed:
-Blackout Bag for 24 hr power outages
-Supplies for 1 week without power
-Supplies for 1 month without power
-Supplies for 3 months without power
-Long-term self-reliance for over 3 months
-Bug Out Bag

It makes no sense to focus on being long-term self-reliant and building a responsive bug out bag if you don't even have the supplies to last a week without power.

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