November 22, 2018

Prepper Talk: Psychology of a prepper in SHTF scenario the Grey Man

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With many wild camps and survival skills now under my belt - with plenty more to learn, its time to bring it together on the prophecy prepper channel and further discuss the reasons behind why we should be preparing.

In this episode of prepper talk I wanted to highlight the grey man concepts. The grey man who is patient and can endure any SHTF scenario due to the survival training he has learned precisely for the shtf scenario that is now in front of him.

How do we survive? What happens when our food and water runs out? We then have to rely on the survival skills we have learned. Bushcraft skills, bug out skills, bug in skills, and a host of other skills in order to survive and doomsday scenario.

But if we learn many skills in the comfort of our own home or in the back yard. Are we mentally prepared? Are we in the right psychological mindset to wait out the harsh winter or the blistering heat of summer? Do we have to bug out far from home? Are we relying on our instincts to keep safe but at the same time we panic or make rash decisions? How do we get through this when others are in full panic and are acting out of control due to untrained minds? We preppers have to be the grey man. Patience is key to survival. Patience helps us think rationally and endure anything that comes our way. A clear mindset in any given survival situation will make us see it through where others fail. Psychology, our superior mindset and attitude is our greatest weapon and ally in any survival situation.

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