July 22, 2018

PREPPER: 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand

PREPPER: 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand

PREPPER: 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand LATEST FROM THE PREPPER WORLD...
Prepping isn’t all about whiling away your hours in a bunker, reloading ammo. It’s about the everyday things we do and the differences in our mindsets from non-preppers, and these are things that only real preppers will understand.
Preppers know these are actually signs of sanity, but we get used to being misunderstood by the unprepared and the mainstream media, who all seem to think that we’re crazy. Sometimes it’s fun to have a good laugh about their misconceptions of what we actually do.
You might be a prepper if these signs relate to you.
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Many of the following signs will be so relatable that they’ll probably give you a warm glow. Feel the prepper solidarity!
Pantries are so mainstream…you have food stashed in strange places in every room of the house. You have enough toilet paper to get through a year of uncomfortable digestive upsets…occurring with 6 people simultaneously Speaking of which, you possess at least 3 different ways to use the bathroom, only one of which is an actual bathroom. Your kids know what OPSEC means…at the age of 4. You have topographical maps of your area…plural. When you’re forced to interact with “the others” you feel like you are awkwardly censoring your true opinions You think nothing of treating an injury or illness yourself because “ what if there was no doctor? “ Paintball and laser tag are no longer just a fun way to spend an afternoon …they are tactical training . You’ve purchased duct tape in bulk . With every major purchase, you contemplate going for the off-grid version. You have more manual tools than power tools. You’ve washed entire loads of laundry by hand for either necessity or practice. (And not just your dainties…we’re talking about jeans and stuff!) Your kids are not afraid of guns…or fingers pointed like guns…or pastries in the shape of guns…or drawings of guns. When house-hunting you look for multiple heat and water sources. You store food in buckets…lots of buckets…like, maybe even a whole room full of buckets. You garden with a determination and time commitment normally reserved for endurance athletes training for an Ironman triathlon. If you don’t have a water source on your property, you have put in miles of footwork searching for one nearby, and have mapped multiple discreet routes to and from the source, and figured out how to haul the water back to your house on each route. Your first instinct when hearing about some event on the mainstream news is skepticism. (False flag event, anyone?) You read articles about multiple ways to use white vinegar and nod your head throughout. You believe that FEMA camps are real and that you are most likely on “The List”. Instead of CNN, you have alternative news sites bookmarked in your favorites on your computer. You have enough coffee/tea/favorite-caffeinated-item-of-choice to last you through 3 apocalypses. You could outfit a small-town pharmacy with all of the over-the-counter medications you have stashed away. You have an instinctive mistrust of anyone working for the government. You could sink a ship with the weight of your stored ammo. In fact, you put it in the basement when you became concerned about your floorboards. Looking for a fun weekend outing with the kids? Forget amusement parks – the shooting range is where it’s at. When the power goes out, you calmly light the candles and proceed with whatever you had been dong previously. A longer-term power outage is called “practice”. If a like-minded person comes over to your house, they’ll realize you are “one of them” by seeing your reading material. Other folks won’t even notice. The FBI might call your copy of The Prepper’s Blueprint and your A. American fiction “subversive literature”. Your children carry a modified bug-out kit in their school backpacks . You can and dehydrate food with the single-minded fervor of an Amish grandmother facing a 7-year drought. Calling 911 is not part of your home security plan. You spend your days off digging an underground bunker in your backyard. You have more than a thousand cheapo lighters that you purchased in bulk, stashed away in the back of your linen closet…and you don’t even smoke. You eat a lot of survival food now, so there is no ‘system shock’ when you are forced to eat only the items you have stocked (or that you GROW – hint hint). You stock alcohol in mass quantities so you can comfortably numb after the SHTF. You stock alcohol in mass quantities – and you don’t even drink. (Barter, baby!) You know what? Forget stocking alcohol. You have your own still . You’ll make alcohol. You have enough salt to create another Dead Sea. You don’t move – you strategically relocate . You purchased 50 of these little EDC multitaskers already for stocking stuffers for your friends/family/workmates/neighbor/random stranger. Speaking of Christmas, you gave Conflicted to everyone last year. When your friends ask about your favorite authors, instead of Hemingway, Tolkien, or Kerouac, you get a blank stare when you tell them it’s John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman . You know exactly how many Mountain House buckets it takes to make a base for a single bed. You don’t stock up on milk. You get an actual cow. Your family doesn’t dare take something from the food stockpile without marking it off the list. Your kids know how to don a gas mask in 30 seconds. Everyone in your survival group carries the same firearm so that ammo is standardized. You have non-electric versions of appliances like wheat grinders , washing machines , and coffee makers . You yell at the TV every time a commercial for Doomsday Preppers comes on. Oh. Wait. You don’t have a TV. But if you did, you’d yell, because you know how positively ridiculous and unrealistic that show is. Your family is no longer surprised when you announce, “Hey, we’re going to learn how to make (insert anything here)!” You have more how-to books stored on hard-drives than most public libraries have on the bookshelves. Your children have a plan in case they need to bug out from school . Alternatively, you homeschool and bugging out is part of the curriculum. You have more than three ways to cook dinner if the power goes out: a woodstove, a barbecue, a sun oven , a fire-pit, and/or a volcano stove . First Blood and Red Dawn are basic training films for your family. You have long since accepted the idea that if you’re not on someone’s list, you’re probably not doing it right. Your 7-year-old knows Morse code. You’re secretly disappointed when the electricity comes back on after only a few minutes. You know more ways to make a homemade knife than the entire population of your local prison combined. You don’t just rotate food, you rotate ammo. You know the distance from your door to your front gate is precisely 207 yards. Moving to a new house is no longer “moving”, but “ strategic relocation “. You have mapped out at least 3 different routes by car and 2 different routes on foot to get to your bug-out location. You know the difference between “ Tyvek ” and “ Tychem ” suits, and in which instance they should be used. Ditto the finer points of N-95 vs. N-100 masks. You watch The Walking Dead in order to critique their survival tactics. (And you were secretly delighted to see Beth building a fire in a Dakota pit.) Speaking of fire, you can start one in at least 3 different ways, and you always carry a lighter, a fresnel lens , and a magnesium firestarter . You have two (or more) of everything important, well, because “one is none.” You have a decoy food supply. Your kids think it’s a fun game to see who can find the most potential weapons in a room. Even your dog has a bug out bag – which she carries herself. You have elected NOT to purchase greater armament because you plan on upgrading with your future assailant’s weaponry. Your EDC includes a knife, firearm w/extra mag, flashlight, mylar blanket, Chapstick, and an ounce of silver — and that’s just for when you’re walking the dog. The trunk of your car has enough supplies to carry the family through an entire week during a major blizzard. One criterion for your new winter coat is that it fits over your body armor. Your neighbors separate their compost for you into a) chicken food b) garden food and c) other You scour travel size aisles because they fit better in bug-out bags and they make great barter items. You check out the garden center and pest control section for potential weapons. Your subscribed channels for YouTube and bookmarks now contain more prepper and alternative media sites than cute animal sites. Christmas and birthday gifts have a prepper theme . You actually know what the letters “EMP” stand for. Every time there is a small household “disaster” like a power outage or local water “boil order” you just grab your emergency supplies and remind dubious family members. “See, told you it pays to be prepared.” Your freeze-dried food has a longer expiration date than you do. You know how to make bows out of skis and arrows out of garden bamboo . You have (or are seriously considering, buying) an old armored personnel carrier to turn into your RV. You know that Falling Skies has better idea for post-apocalyptic survival than The Walking Dead or Z Nation but you still watch them all just in case. Your friend asks “Do you have enough bullets?” then you both laugh and laugh because you know you can never have enough. You changed your home page from MSN (or any other propaganda media) to Drudge Report or SHTFplan. You have no problem knocking on strangers’ doors to ask for fruit tree cuttings. You have vacuum packed underwear in a plastic tub stashed somewhere in your house. You just might have more medical supplies than the local ER. The Co-op and Costco recognize you but pretend not to. They know better than to ask questions about your purchases. If you’re a man you are no longer embarrassed to buy tampons and sanitary napkins because they make great bandages. If you’re a woman you know you don’t need to buy tampons or sanitary napkins because so many other options exist . You actually own a toilet seat that fits on a bucket . You have enough wood cut and stacked to form a barricade around your whole property. Admit it. Every time the power goes out, you go see if your car starts so you can get the jump on hunkering down or buying out the store with case in the event that this one is actually an EMP. You have considered filtering water with a coffee filter or a t-shirt.
7 Tips On Writing An Emergency Preparedness Plan Every family needs to be prepared for emergency situations. You never know what can happen and how that situation might affect your family. There could be a fire, an earthquake, a flood or any other kind of natural or societal disaster can happen – it’s best to be prepared for them all. That is the best way to protect your family. Writing An Emergency Preparedness Plan , you need to account for all of your family members, any family member with special needs, your children’s needs, pets etc. Have a sound financial plan as well – set out cash funds just in case. Prepare for anything that’s possible in your area but also for unexpected events.
Here is a list of tips on creating an emergency preparedness plan:
State what the roles of each family member are In case of an emergency, each family member needs to know what to do. You can’t lose precious time on organization when an emergency happens and this is why you need to organize everything in advance. Every family member should know where to go. Plan for your kids being in school and let them know where you want them to go if an emergency strikes then. Also, plan for you not being at home in those situations and figure out where to go, what to do and what’s the fastest way to get to your supplies.
You can also do occasional run-throughs of who does what in each situation to make sure that your plan runs safely, smoothly and effectively.
Create emergency kits Emergency kits are a good way to get all you need at once. You can purchase them, already made in many stores but you can also create your own. No matter what you decide, make sure that there is enough water and food for at least three days, that there is a first aid kit and some tools of protection as well. “Keep them handy at all times – you can put one in your car, keep one at work if possible, a couple in your basement or somewhere in your house and you could also make sure that your children have mini-kits with them at all times”, – explains Johnnie Miller, a Safety Manager at Ukwritings .
Practice your plan Once you are done creating your plan, it’s a good idea to practice it. That’s the only way to memorize it perfectly. Run these plans in different situations – at home, do run-throughs of what happens if you are not at home, study the roads to see which can take you home faster. Teach your family members how to use some of the essential tools and how to defend themselves. Show them how to handle certain objects or how to drive if they are old enough.
Make a list of necessary supplies As certain emergencies strike, you will likely not have time to go to the store and purchase everything that you need. Instead, make a list of all the things you’ll need and slowly, as you have available funds, purchase those items. Update this list frequently – there is no way you can think of everything that you’ll need on your first try. Plan for at least three days or longer.
This list should be easy to read and check off, so you should probably use formatting tools like StateOfWriting or Boom Essays to make it as comprehensible as possible. Don’t put anything that isn’t crucial on this list – keep in mind that you’ll have to carry these things yourself, so anything that’s not essential isn’t welcome.
Make a communication strategy Communication strategy is just as important as the rest of your plan. You never know what can happen and that’s why you need to organize your family and let them know how to communicate in case of emergency. Create a sheet of phone numbers each family member should know and call in case that they are alone and separated from the rest. Make sure that everyone has a phone, coins or prepaid cards if they need to reach you. Establish an ICE name and number and make sure that everyone in your family has it.
Make an evacuation strategy Discuss as a family where you could go in case of an emergency. State who is in charge of what – shutting off utilities, taking care of pets, taking emergency supplies, driving etc. Make separate plans for each situation.
Stay informed Best way to be prepared is to be informed. “Do some research on what is a possibility based on your area’s history and prepare for that. Stay informed on current events that might affect you on sites that give this sort of information, watch news, weather reports, read newspapers etc”, – says Earlene Boone, a Safety writer at Essayroo and Academ Advisor .
It’s better to be prepared that sorry when a disaster happens. Having a solid plan ensures that all of your family members will be safe and taken care of in case of an emergency.
Making Emergency Repairs on Your Home
Any disaster carries with it the potential for causing damage to your home. While the damage isn’t always critical enough to require abandoning your home, many people do so anyway, more because they are not sure what to do about the damage, than anything else. But your home is your shelter, as well as holding pretty much all you own. So if you can avoid abandoning it, especially in a crisis situation, you’ll be better off.
Recently, I wrote an article on home repair materials you should stockpile for this very reason. With a few basic materials, you can deal with most storm caused damage to your home, allowing you to occupy it until more permanent repairs can be made by a competent contractor.
Emergency repairs are not the same thing as fully repairing your home. We’re not concerned with cosmetics here. That will come later, when you are able to hire someone to do more complete repairs. At this point, all we’re concerned about is making it safe to use your home as a survival shelter.
There are two keys you are looking for here. The first is to make sure your home is safe to stay in. If you have a natural gas leak, your home isn’t safe. Nor is it safe if you have electrical wires sparking. But a hole in your roof, caused by a tree branch breaking off and crashing down upon it, that isn’t necessarily dangerous. The tree branch and your home are probably stable, so you don’t need to worry about it falling apart.
The second concern is to “dry in” your home. This is a term contractors use for new construction. When they have the outer walls and roof skinned over and covered with a waterproof coating, the house is considered to be at this point. Rain and wind can’t get into the home, accounting for a lot of what shelter is supposed to do.
How is Your Home Constructed? Most American homes are made of wood construction, regardless of what the outside of the home is covered with. Even brick homes are still wood construction, with the brick wall being built outside of the wood one.
This diagram shows us the basic framing of home construction. If we start from the bottom, we can see floor joists running diagonally from lower left to upper right. These provide the structure for the floor and are usually made of 2”x 12” boards. We see another layer of those for the second floor and a final layer for the attic. In the upper two cases, the floor joists are held up by the wall framing. This is made of 2”x 4” framing and is shown in the diagram by the vertical lines. The roof framework is made of 2”x 6” joists, set at an angle to allow water to run off.
The floors and roof of this home are covered with sheets of plywood or pressboard. Three-quarter inch thick sheets are used for the floor and ½” thick sheets for the roof. The walls are covered with sheathing, which consists of ½” thick plyood in the corners and ½” thick Styrofoam for the rest of the wall.
Pretty much everything else on the home’s structure is cosmetic, whether we’re talking about brick or siding on the outside or drywall on the inside. While each of those cosmetic parts has a purpose, they are not part of the structure. For repair purposes, our first priority is the structure.
Emergency Roof Repairs The main thing you want to accomplish in repairing your roof is to keep rain from falling through. We’re going to do that by putting a tarp over the roof. But before doing that, we need to make sure that the roof is structurally sound. To do that, look at the damage that has been created. If there is a hole in the roof, then go in the attic and look for any of the rafters that are damaged.
Even if you can’t replace damaged rafters (perhaps because a branch is in the way), you can strengthen them. All you have to do is to attach 2”x 4”s to the sides of the existing rafters, nailing them together with 16d (penny) nails or 3” drywall screws.
Once the structure is intact, the next thing to look at is if there are any holes which need to be covered over. While you can just cover them with a tarp, your repair will last longer if you cover the hole with a piece of ½” thick plywood first. Just nail through the plywood and existing roofing shingles. You can use any nails longer than 1-1/4” for this.
Finally, dry in the roof by covering it with a tarp. It is essential that the tarp go at least to the peak of the roof and a little beyond. Otherwise, water could run down the roof and under the tarp. But if it goes over the peak, there is no way for water to enter.
Like the plywood, the tarp should be nailed to the existing roof. However, the wind will cause the nail heads to pull through the tarp, if you don’t use some sort of washer. Thin wood strips, cardboard strips or even plastic soda bottle caps can be used as washers. Use an abundance of nails, so that the wind can’t make the tarp flap in the wind. Flapping will cause the tarp to tear.
Emergency Wall Repairs Like roofs, when dealing with wall damage, the first thing you need to do is determine if there has been any damage to the structure. That structure is essential for holding up the upper floors and the roof. So if there is damage to the 2”x 4’ studs, you’ll need to add studs in, so as to support the weight.
In the case of a serious breach of your wall, you may need to build a short section of wall and set it in place, inside the existing wall. If you do, you need to be aware of the direction of the current ceiling and floor joists. If they are perpendicular to the damaged wall, then you can put your support wall just about anywhere. But if they are parallel to the damaged wall, you will need to locate the closest joist to the wall and place your support wall there, so that it is sitting on the floor joist and the ceiling joist is sitting on it.
The easiest way to tell which direction your floor and ceiling joists are running is to look at which way your home is running. If the long side of your home is parallel with the street, the joists will be perpendicular to the street. This allows contractors to use shorter joists when building the home.
Another way of telling is to look at the roof’s main ridge line. The floor and ceiling joists, as well as roof joists, will be running perpendicular to the ridge line.
Once you have your wall structurally sound, you can skin it over with plywood. If you are receiving a lot of rain, you might want to cover this with a tarp or visqueen, although that is not essential. Caulking the edges of the plywood are also useful to keep the rain out, but not absolutely necessary.
Emergency Floor Repairs Contrary to Hollywood, it is rare that you will have damage to floors, but it can happen. If it does, you must be extremely careful in ensuring that you properly support what is left of the floor. One broken floor joist can mean an area four feet wide by however long the joist is that is not properly supported. Don’t trust the parts that remain, as they are merely hanging there.
It is not sufficient to use 2”x 4” studs as temporary floor joists, as they are not strong enough. But I didn’t put any stronger pieces of wood on that list. So, what you can do is to use a 2”x 4” stud, nailed to the side of the broken floor joist to stabilize it, and then add another 2”x 4” stud vertically, in the center or your patch, acting as a leg to support your repair. The vertical 2”x 4” will support the weight.
Holes in floors should be patched with ¾” plywood for strength. If you don’t have any ¾” plywood, ½” thick plywood can be used as a temporary patch, but it will feel spongy when you walk on it. Always be sure that the edges of any plywood flooring are resting on and nailed to floor joists. Never allow the edge to be between joists.
Broken Windows Broken windows are probably one of the easier repairs to make. All you need to do is cover the window with visqueen (clear plastic sheeting) and tape it in place with duct tape. While this won’t provide much security, it will allow light in.
If you need security, you could make a cover for the window out of plywood, but that wouldn’t allow any light through.
If the Gas is Leaking If you smell gas leaking in your home, you’ll need to shut it off immediately at the gas meter. The gas meter will always have a valve installed with it. This small valve, shown inside the circle on this picture, is often overlooked alongside the larger meter.
If the valve is parallel to the pipe, as shown in the picture, then gas can flow through it. You’ll want to turn it perpendicular to the pipe, blocking off the flow of gas. While the gas company has special wrenches that they use for this, you can accomplish the same thing with a pair of channel locks.
Take another look at that valve in the picture. See the two round holes, each of which is attached to a metal ear? When you turn the valve off, those should be in alignment. If you have a padlock available, slip it through those holes and lock it. That way, nobody can turn the gas back on, until repairs have been made to the gas lines.
If You have Damaged Electrical Wires Damage to walls can include damage to the electrical wires contained within those walls. That can be serious, as the damaged wires could spark, causing a fire. You can easily eliminate that problem by finding the right circuit breaker in your home’s breaker panel and shut it off.
Few people bother to do so, but it’s a good idea, when you move into a house, to go through and determine what each circuit breaker is connected to and write that in the chart contained on the inside of the breaker box door. That way, if you ever have to shut off power to a room, you’ll already know which breaker to use.
18 Quick And Natural Cures For Every Major Cause Of Stomachache Curing a stomach ache can be tricky because of the unknown reasons causing the stomach ache.
A stomach ache is rooted in a wide range of reasons varying from menstrual cramps, indigestion, gastritis, to irregular bowel movement, gallbladder pain and more. Some of the major causes of abdominal cramps include:
Constipation Indigestion Flatulence Acid reflux Infrequent bowels Gastric ulcers Stomach upset Nausea Gastritis Pregnancy Menstrual pain Food poisoning and etc. Elucidated below are a few natural home remedies for tummy troubles. Follow through with any one of the cures described below for quick and effective alleviation of a stomach ache.
Drink Freshly Brewed Aniseed Tea for Curing the Stomach Ache Aniseed tea is highly effective in curing stomach aches and cramps . It is also effectual for the cure of stomach ache caused by indigestion, flatulence and bloating. It helps to stimulate a healthy appetite and its diuretic nature flushes out the blocked urine and relives the stomach cramp. Brew a nice warm cup of aniseed tea.
Add less than half a teaspoon of aniseed powder to a cup of boiling water Strain out the drink after five minutes Drink it with slow sips to remedy the stomach pain Drink this twice a day for the stomach pain to heal quickly Yoga as an Effective Remedy for Stomach Cramps Yoga is highly effective for the cure of tummy aches but that does not imply highly active and powerful yoga. Practicing a few floor based yoga postures for about 10-20 minutes can effectively cure stomach cramps. Enlisted below are a few poses that you can practice whether you are at home or outside to get instant relief from stomach aches.
Child’s Pose : This pose reduces muscular stress in the abdomen and brings comfort. It gently stretches the body and compresses the abdomen to release discomfort and get rid of flatulence. Apasana pose : This pose is highly effective for curing bloating and flatulence. Bring your knees towards your chest and wrap them tight with your arms. Breathe steadily and hold your pose for about half a minute. Do this for about 2-3 minutes to cure your tummy troubles. Bridge pose : This pose is highly effective in the cure of indigestion and bloating. It also helps to enhance blood circulation and boosts physical energy. Lie on your back, bend your knees and keep them slightly apart with your feet firmly planted to the ground. Lift your torso and hold the pose for about 15-20 seconds with steady breathing. Do this for about 30-34 minutes until the ache disappears. Find out our Firefather’s Time-Tested Natural Cures and Household Remedies Fresh Fruit Juice for Tummy Troubles Fresh and cool fruit juice is highly nutritious and aids in improving digestion, flushing out of toxins, soothing the intestinal lining, curing heartburn and cleansing the intestines by regularizing bowel movement. Here are a few fruit juices that can effectively alleviate stomach ache and get rid of tummy troubles. All that you have to do to prepare the juices is chop the fruits and vegetables, add water and blend well until the juice is ready. Do not add any sugar to the juice.
Cucumber, apple and lettuce juice Aloe Vera, orange and spinach juice Papaya and broccoli juice Celery and red grapes juice Celery, pear and ginger juice Pineapple and mint juice Orange and lettuce juice Cucumber, Swiss Chard and pineapple juice Fenugreek Tea for Stomach Troubles Fenugreek tea is a potent healer of stomach troubles and cramps rooted in peptic ulcer, indigestion and food poisoning. It coats the inflamed intestinal walls with mucus, and accelerates the process of healing.
Take a bowl and add two cups of water to it Add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to the water Boil this mixture Strain out the liquid and add a teaspoon of honey to it Drink this twice a day to cure the cramps Milk and Fresh Ripe Bananas for the Cure of Stomach Aches Ripe bananas are anti-bacterial in nature and milk helps to soothe the intestinal lining that gets inflamed with excessive secretion of gastric acids. Ripe bananas and milk help to neutralize the unbalanced acidity. It is highly effective in healing abdominal cramps caused by infrequent bowels and acid reflux.
Peel 2-3 ripe and fresh bananas and chop them into small pieces Dry these pieces in the sun Pound the dried bananas into a fine powder Take a tablespoon of honey and add it to two tablespoons of the powdered banana Take this mixture twice a day to cure the cramps in the stomach You can also snack on a bowl of milk mixed with mashed ripe bananas to regularize bowel movement Have a Bowl of Fresh Yogurt Yogurt is richly packed with probiotics that assist digestion by the alteration of microbiota in our bowels. This makes yogurt highly beneficial in treating stomach cramps. It functions through the regularization of bowel movement and curing of indigestion.
Eat a bowl of plain yogurt sweetened with a tablespoon of honey Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to the yogurt Eat this twice a day for the pain to heal Have a Cup of Freshly Brewed Ginger Tea Ginger possesses gingerol and shogaol. These biochemical compounds help in the alleviation of abdominal cramps and colic. Ginger is effective against nausea as well. Sip on a cup of warm ginger tea to cure yourself of the stomach ache.
Crush a ginger into tiny pieces and add them to a bowl of water Boil this for ten to fifteen minutes Strain out this ginger-water mixture to a cup Add a tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice Drink this ginger tea to drive away the abdominal cramps and nauseous feelings that often accompany such cramps
Flaxseeds for the Cure of Tummy Aches Flax seeds cure stomach aches by aiding digestion and regularizing bowel movements. Follow this remedy and the stomach pain will get cured in just a day or two.
Take half a tablespoon of ground flax seeds every morning on an empty stomach Increment your intake to two tablespoons gradually Baking Soda for Curing Stomach Ache Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate helps to relieve flatulence, bloating and acidity of the alimentary canal. This is one of the most effective natural home remedies if your stomach is aching from indigestion.
Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of lukewarm water Stir well until the baking soda gets completely dissolved Drink this up quickly to get rid of the stomach tramp Massaging with Coconut Oil for the Effective Alleviation of Stomach Pain Take a few drops of coconut oil and add it to a teaspoon of cool water. Massage your stomach with the mixture in gentle circular motion with slight pressure. Masage for 5-7 minutes for instant relief from stomach aches. Breakfast on Brown Rice and Licorice for the Natural Treatment of Stomach Problems This concoction is a natural demulcent that heals intestinal inflammation and layers the stomach membrane with a soothing film that eases the movement of bowels and relieves you of stomach aches and pain of bloating.
Take half a teaspoon of licorice powder and mix it with a cup of water Keep this aside for the night In the next morning add a cup of steamed brown rice to the licorice water Eat this and the stomach ache will diminish in a day or two Warm Apple Cider Vinegar for the Effective Natural Cure of Abdominal Cramp Apple cider vinegar eases indigestion and alleviates abdominal cramps and flatulence. It soothes heartburn and stomach upset as well.
Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar Dissolve it in two cups of warm water Add a pinch of baking soda to the water and stir well for even dissolution You may also add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture Drink this immediately and the stomach ache will heal quickly Lukewarm Turmeric Water for the Effectual Cure of Stomach Troubles If you are suffering from stomach upset that is making your stomach ache terribly then turmeric is a highly effective remedy for you.
Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder Add it to a glass of lukewarm water Stir well until the powder dissolves completely Drink this up quickly before the powder sediments to the bottom of the glass Drink this twice a day to cure the condition stomach upset Have a Cup of Freshly Prepared Rice Tea to Cure an Upset Stomach Rice tea is highly effective for the natural treatment of frequent bowel movement, flatulence, and indigestion. If you are seeking to calm an upset stomach then prepare yourself a cup of lukewarm rice tea.
Fill a cup to its half with rice and then add the rice to a vessel Add six cups of water to the vessel Boil the contents of the vessel for about 15-20 minutes Strain out the liquid after it simmers down Add a teaspoon of honey to the water and drink it with slow sips. Make sure that it is warm while you drink it Drink it twice a day for the best results Calendula Tea for the Cure of Stomach Troubles Rooted in Irregular Menstruation Calendula essential oil containsquercetin and flavonoids that enhance smooth blood circulation and do away with irregular menstruation. Calendula tea is one of the most effective home remedies for period cramps because of its potent analgesic nature.
Take 2 grams of dried calendula flowers in a teaspoon Add it to a vessel containing 200 ml of water Boil the contents and let them steep Strain the liquid out and drink the tea twice daily for effective cure of irregular periods Try a Cup of Lukewarm Orange Peel Tea for the Cure of Tummy Troubles Orange peel is a traditional and highly effective home remedy for diarrhea and intestinal spasms. However, for the preparation of orange peel tea, you need fresh organic oranges. Inorganic oranges contain peels coated with dyes and pesticides which are toxic to health.
Peel an organic orange completely Chop the orange peel into fine pieces Place the chopped peels in a vessel and cover them with water Boil the contents for about 20 minutes Take the vessel off the boil, cover it and then let it simmer down Strain the liquid out and add a teaspoon of honey to it Drink the fragrant tea twice a day for the cure of tummy troubles Have a Cup of Freshly Brewed Caraway Tea for the Cure of Abdominal Problems Caraway tea is highly effective in calming intestinal cramps and spasms, diarrhea and flatulence. Drink a cup of caraway tea for the effective alleviation of stomach troubles.
Put a cup of water to boil Take 2 teaspoons of caraway seeds is a cup Pour the boiling water over the seeds until the cup gets filled Cover the cup with a plate and let the tea get steeped for about 15 minutes Strain out the liquid and discard the residual seeds Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the tea Drink the warm tea with slow sips to cure the tummy troubles Fennel as a Highly Effective Cure of Stomach Problems Fennel is an effective antispasmodic and gastrointestinal relaxant that soothes abdominal cramps, cures flatulence and treats irritable bowel syndrome. The carminative and aromatic properties of fennel can effectively cure a range of stomach problems.
Crush a teaspoon of fennel seeds Add the crushed seeds to a cup and pour some boiling water over it until the cup gets filled Let the tea steep for about 10 minutes Strain out the liquid and add a teaspoon of honey Drink the tea with slow sips to cure the ache Follow these natural cures for the effective treatment of stomach troubles. However, if the symptoms and troubles still persist then make sure that you consult a physician.


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