December 27, 2018

Possessions & Belongings in SHTF Aftermath - The Importance of Defense

This is a video I put together about a year ago and misplaced. I recently found it and decided to release it. It discusses the importance of defense, having a plan and other issues involved with trying to keep your inventory safe.

That's what this series is all about...It's about what comes next, it's about the Long Term. Living, instead of simply Surviving...

The goal of this series is to discuss and develop skills, gear sets, preventative measures, reactionary measures, mindset, planning, preparation, and all other aspects of keeping a location safe, secure and defensible in desperate situations. We will attempt to determine how to plan for this and to put this planning into action. This video discusses setting a Perimeter, establishing roadblocks, determining personnel, booby traps, observation posts and standing watches.
No matter what type of event, if it is world wide and all of humanity is affected then after the initial phase and after some time has passed, groups should form. Having a group to trust and rely on can be the determining factor for most people. This is the entire premise behind surviving...rebuilding and restoring. With only minimal skills, most can survive the initial event if they are far enough away from the event or events. It is surviving afterwards, for the long term, that some do not plan for. That's what this series is about, how we can regroup and rebuild. Because criminal groups will definitely form, that means we have to form groups that can counteract this threat...and even eliminate it. If we Survive...Then we are Alive...And we WILL Thrive...

The Topics to be discussed in the upcoming videos are:

Ambush & Counter Ambush
Basic Combat
Sniper & counter Sniper Techniques & Tactics
Advanced Combat Techniques & Tactics
Watches & Posts
Communications & Electronics
Rebuilding Electronic Devices & Similar
Transportation - Various Methods
Electricity & Power - How to
Primary lines of defense
Secondary lines of defense
Egress & Evac Routes
Food & Water Aspects
Hand Held Weapons Combat
Self Defense, featuring videos on hand to hand, close quarters, mid
Range and long range combat.
Weapons & Ammo Reloading options
Physical & Mental Challenges
Training before the event.
and Many Other Subjects.

The goal is to have a library of tactics in this series, once it is complete.

Check out the Website:

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Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.

Thanks for Watching!!!
Check out the website:

Video produced using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects & Photoshop. Also all cameraq footage was taken with Nikon B500, Cannon EOS Rebel T3i, DJI Osmo, Zhiyun SMOOTH 4+ and iPhone 8+. Audio Effects created from Adobe Audition & After Effects, and audio equipment used was Samson Microphones, Neewer Microphone & Maxx Digital Sound Recorder.
All footage used shot by Serious Survivor from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. Stock Footage and pictures from Videoblocks, Storyblocks, Adobe Stock, Bigstock and US Archives. Sound and Audio Stock from YouTube stock and Audioblocks. All other footage, picture and audio used under Fair Rights Act & Laws.

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