September 26, 2019

What Will Start SHTF?

What will start SHTF? What will be the kicker? How will we know when SHTF starts? These are all things we constantly consider when it comes to prepping for TEOTWAWKI. In this video, I try to address what the beginning of SHTF will be like.

What are your ideas about how SHTF will begin? One of the reasons we contemplate this ideas is that we dont die during the start of SHTF! If we are reading the warning signs and able to see what's coming, it might help us quite a bit in surviving the inevitable.

If you are asking how to survive the start of SHTF? The first step is to heed as many warning signs as possible once it is on the way. These warnings can come in many shapes and sizes but, as preppers we have to know what we are looking for. Will SHTF start like a movie? Probably not. But, movies can give you an idea of what you might expect in the beginnings of SHTF.

Some other questions some of us might ask are, will we know if SHTF starts? or, who will start SHTF? What will the start of SHTF look like? and has SHTF began?
The only way to answer some of these questions is by checking your list on warning signs you have designated as important to watch out for. Some of those might include:
Food Shortages (Empy Grocery Stores)
Conflict (Between nation and nation)
Civil Unrest (Looting, riots, panic in the streets)
Fuel Shortages
Grid Down (Power Outage)
Pandemic Outbreak
And many many more!
Don't die at the start of SHTF! Make sure you have all of your preps and survival skills in place before everything happens!! Will we see the start of SHTF? Probably, but not in the way that many of us might think we will. Emergency Broadcast ended.

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watch for shtf!

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