December 11, 2018

What We Learned In Our Personal SHTF Situation | Food Storage |

Hey Everyone!

We are sorry that it has taken us so long to get to posting this video about what Lori has learned in her personal SHTF situation. In this video we go over everything that we would, wouldn't and what we would do more of when it comes to food storage and personal storage items. Canning, premade products, long term food storage, dehydrated foods, etc...

We've linked some videos below that we mentioned in the video:

-Food Storage Room Tour-

-Pressure Canning Potatoes-

-Personal Hygiene-

-Canning Sausage-

-Canning Pork-

-Dehydrating Mixed Vegetables-

-Why I Don’t Like Augason Farms-


-Link To The Canning Jars I Use-

-Link To The Wide Mouth Lids I Use-

-Link To Dehydrator I Use-

-Link To A Newer Version Of The FoodSaver I Use-

-Link To Sun Oven-

-Link To The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Jar Kit-

-Link To The Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving-

-Link to The Pressure Cooker I Use-

-Link To The Water Bath Canner-

-Link To Canning Kit-

-Link To Apple Corer & Peeler-

-Link To Cherry Stone Remover-

***Some Links provided above are affiliate links. We are compensated based on some affiliate purchases.

I've changed the name on my channel to Obsessive Chicks, if you're wondering why then watch the video to find out.

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