January 29, 2019

Wealth Security for SHTF Economic Collapse

We just had this DHS report dropped about catastrophic grid failure, lending even more credibility to the idea of an economic collapse. One of the questions that I get regularly from our clients at ProsperReady is how to establish wealth security for an economic collapse. This is a major concern for anyone who has wealth and is awake to the threats of SHTF TEOTWAWKI WROL.

With imminent SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI just a few months or years away, what should one do to try and secure wealth during an economic collapse? Well, take your cash out of the banks; buy precious metals, invest in commodities, and buy real estate. That's the best way I can recommend you have wealth security for an economic collapse.

The biggest issue that I can see for economic collapse and SHTF wealth security is having commodities, and I don't just mean gold and silver coins. Commodities for SHTF can help you weather and economic collapse or civil war by giving you leverage, buying power, and allowing you to participate in the supply-and-demand economy.

The economy is likely to tank in the next few months, creating an economic collapse and potentially a real SHTF situation, which is why we recommend commodities beyond gold coins, silver coins, and gold ans silver bouillon.

Ultimately, surviving an SHTF economic collapse is going to take more than just gold and silver. It's about having a robust homestead, being part of an SHTF team or SHTF group, and having all the tactical skills to make things happen.

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