May 1, 2019

Tuesday Talk: Prepping & Planning for Emergencies

This week we are answering a question from a viewer about emergency plans and preparation. This topic seemed especially timely given the Tornado Warning we experienced this past week (yesterday's video). So what do you do in an emergency?

For the Tornado Warning, we left the Airstream with our phones and the dogs and ran to the KOA bathroom. Being in a building with plumbing and few windows is a lot safer in a tornado than in our Airstream. Luckily we were able to return after about 30 minutes but better safe than sorry.

Make sure to have alerts on your phone. If you are going to be in an area where severe weather is more common then it'd be good to get a better weather app as well. There are a lot out there that can give you more information about severe weather.

Now let's talk about fires. We have working fire alarms (make sure to check them), a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in our Airstream. We also have a sticker on the front window saying we have 2 dogs and listing our cell number in case of an emergency. Some people leave emergency keys hidden somewhere so that if someone calls they can get in to get the dogs.

Something we didn't talk about is hospitals. We try to get a feel for where the closest emergency room is when we travel around. We will hopefully never have to use that knowledge but it can't hurt to know.

Do you have any tips for us regarding emergencies?

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