March 4, 2020

Touring Target in Oregon After Coronavirus / COVID19 Outbreak - Prepping for Non-Preppers

“We Weren’t Prepared”

That is what the customer service manager at my local Target said to me when I arrived to pick up an order Sunday night. One of the orders wasn’t completely filled, but they didn’t let me know in advance. When I asked her about what happened she just said “we weren’t prepared for this. We can prepare for the Holiday season, but this was something we couldn’t prepare for.”

Based on what I saw over the weekend, I decided to do something a little different and tour the store to document what was gone, what was still there, and what this means. This was a bit spur of the moment, so apologies for the phone audio instead of my usual microphone audio.

Lack of preparation leads to panic, and with the first patient to test positive for the Covid-19 / Coronavirus in Oregon being treated at the hospital 5 minutes from our house, there was quite a bit of panic in our area.

You saw the same glazed over look at Target that you did at Costco, and Home Depot. It was a mix between “I can’t believe this is happening in our store” and “for the 4,000th time today…we are sold out of hand sanitizer”.

Are you seeing similar behavior in your area? Did this serve as a wake-up call to you or people you know? Let us know in the comments below.

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