December 27, 2019

The Truth About Dollar Store Prepping

We see these videos and articles all the time, but is dollar store prepping really viable? I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s a complete waste because there are some things you can get from the dollar store. However, most everything you get at the dollar store is going to be either low quality, low quantity or "off brand" products.

One plus to the dollar store is they sell travel size products. These smaller sizes can be a plus for bug out bags and such, but not a better deal price wise.

I mentioned in the video that Morgan at Rouge Preparedness did a good video about dollar store prepping here:

A few prepping supplies I would steer clear of at the dollar store are...
Medical supplies
Knives & Tools
Food is an absolute no no!

Also mentioned in the video...
Sales at Walmart
Good for practice supplies
Be a smart shopper

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