March 7, 2020

The State of Costco in Oregon After COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak - Prepping for Non-Preppers

🧻 "That's Where the Toilet Paper Was" 🧻

Last weekend, the first Covid-19 / Coronavirus case was confirmed in Oregon, specifically the area that we live. The patient was being treated at a hospital about 2 miles from our house.

I went to our local Costco that Saturday and it felt like Black Friday. There were two types of shoppers:
1. People just on a regular shopping trip. 🛒
2. People loading their carts with hand soap and toilet paper (bleach would have been obvious but it was already sold out). 🧼

As more cases are confirmed, there are more reports of “sellouts”, limits, lines, and continued panic. So, I wanted to see for myself. Last night I went to the same Costco that I had shopped at on Saturday to see if it was as bad as Facebook would have you believe, or if shelves had been resupplied and life was getting back to normal.

Spoiler Alert…it’s not normal 😳

There were some odd products that were selling pretty fast, so if you have a theory about why they are, please leave it in the comments below 👇👇

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