May 6, 2019

Sunday Drive! An SHTF Homestead Livestream

Today on the Bear Independent show we're taking a nice Sunday drive to a local homestead store to acquire some stuff to keep the homestead up and running. We see homesteading as a really viable option for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI preparedness, and as preppers we really enjoy running the homestead in such a way as to create food storage for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI. This Sunday Drive was an enjoyeable way to do a homestead livestream!

We find that homesteading is a really viable option to counteract the likely chaos form the 2020 elections, civil war, martial law, economic collapse, civil unrest, EMP, end times, militia or minuteman issues, or whatever other chaos may occur in an SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI situation. We really enjoy livestreaming with y'all! Thanks for hanging out with us on the SHTF homestead Sunday drive!

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