October 24, 2019

So SHTF Started. Now What?

So SHTF Started. Now What? That is the question a lot of people will be asking themselves. Which is why you need to plan now!

I ask you the question, "When SHTF starts... what will you do?" Please leave a comment below with your answer so we can discuss the best plans for right after the collapse!

Whether grid down happened! Or the end of the world started. You should have a well laid out plan of the basic steps to take right after you realize the actual doomsday prepper scenario we wall talk about, " teotwawki " starts to take place. None of us know, what is supposed to happen on doomsday? But, we can prepare for it as if we have a basic idea.

Whether you think the collapse starts now! Or grid down started, or maybe you just like SHTF videos! Please take a moment to hit that subscribe button to help support the channel! And, visit: https://www.MagicPrepper.com to get more info on prepping and survivalism. As a prepper, I have made plans for how I will react when SHTF happens. And so should you!

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