February 25, 2020

SHTF Prepping | Pandemic Preparing Survival | Medical Antibacteria Sanitation Cold Flu Virus

Here are tons of ways to help yourself during a Pandemic like now and it's spreading fast. As of this week, it's reaching USA really fast from China and around the World. Remember, the medicine is to protect yourself and the surrounding, that would be the important key.

Important Item: Baking Soda and see my Video on how I use it.

You can do it easily with simple household items, there is no need to go all out... Simple and cheap stuff can be just as effective and the trick is " STARVE " their Oxygen.

Store at least 1-2 Months Supply and Rice would be the best since you can survive for a long time with Rice and Water. Can foods and dry food like Ooodle Noodles, Hot Dogs, Can Meat or Fish or Beans are my favorites since you can easily heat it up. Don't' forget Cat or Dog food too, and it's good to have a bit extra, later on you don't have to buy.

I try to get through the video as fast as I can for you, but some I can not since I have to explain. Education is the key here and not something that you go through like a " Joke Video ", etc...

Hope everyone stay safe in this time and wait it out until MAY or so, the HEAT will kill it for us.


Medical Disclaimer:

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