March 14, 2020

SHTF is here, people just don't know it yet

I've also made this video public again. It's from 6 years ago. Talk about prophetic.

Another good article that should be used against people who want to argue that this isn't as bad as it's made out, and that other strains were worse. The projections are way more than I thought when I recorded this. They're saying we could be looking at more than 400,000 deaths in the U.S.

At some point medical centers are going to need to decide who lives and who dies, because there aren't enough oxygen masks and ventilators to keep those admitted to the ICU alive. This is our reality RIGHT NOW.

I am urging ALL OF YOU to stay home. You might be worried about getting fired, but what good is employment going to do if you wind up infected and spreading it to everyone around you? You and everyone else could potentially wind up with permanent lung damage or even becoming a statistic of mortality for this pandemic. Do everything in your power to distance yourself from everyone not in your home, and get those supplies while you still have time!

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