December 4, 2019

SHTF Coming Food Shortages

I wasn't convinced at the beginning of 2019 that we had any issues. In my area, there were few shortages and empty shelves at the market. But other preppers I knew made videos warning of potential problems and so clearly they saw something that concerned them. Then I saw with my own eyes the flooding in my area, which directly affected the rice crop, and in other areas, which could affect corn, soy, wheat, hay and then I noticed the recalls, and made a video about that. The latest red flag is the pork African fever virus which The Guardian in the UK reported in October could kill 1/4 of the world's pork population. That is what convinced me of possible food shortages coming soon. China will need some kind of protein to take up the slack that the swine virus has caused. No matter how that happens, it's going to affect protein world wide, and the demand for it, driving prices up and maybe causing shortages. Get protein now, while it's still available and avoid what may be coming down the pike.

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