March 14, 2020

Prepping for 14 Day Quarantine | What to Buy & Things to Know | SHTF 2 Week “Bug In” Survival Kit

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Video Upload 1485 (Season 5, Episode 20): Don't You Dare Stop Smiling! Now I may not be a financial advisor so nothing said on this channel should be taken as financial advice... but I love discussing all areas of personal finance. Today I talk about things to know and what you’ll need to survive a 2 week quarantine stuck in your house bug in scenario. Many people are panicking due to fear of lack of preparation, but I prep all year round for situations like this, minor emergencies or global pandemics. I have countless 5 gallon buckets packed with dehydrated/freeze dried food, medical supplies/first aid kits, household cleaning products, and much more. How are you prepping? And what are you prepping for? Let’s talk about it.


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