February 22, 2020

Prepping a car for ceramic coating in below freezing temperatures!

#Autodetailing #Ceramiccoating #Cold

In this video I share with you how I am prepping this customer's vehicle for ceramic coating. Outside temperatures are 24° and feel more like 15° and I don't have the luxury with my schedule to wait for it to warm up or reschedule. However the car is extremely dirty and needs to be chemically decontaminated as well as mechanically decontaminated so I can prep the paint for polishing and ceramic coating. I do have the convenience of a heated garage but when vehicles are this dirty, especially because I need to do an engine bay cleaning, door jambs, and tires and wheels, we're going to have to take it outside into the environment and weather the cold. There's many ways to conquer this but here is how I would approach this task.

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Used by permission from YouCut Editor app

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