January 9, 2020

PREPPING 101 - WHAT'S IN THIS BUCKET? - BUCKET #8 - January 8, 2020

OK folks, it is finally time to start opening the SHTF buckets that I set back way back in 2014 / 2015 to be used in the event of an extended SHTF even. These buckets were filled with what I deemed as LONG TERM FOODS and Supplies..... Now it is time to see what lasted in a cool, dry and dark basement since they were put down there all those many years ago left untouched.

There are 39 buckets in total. These were purchased through HOME DEPOT with lids. Below is the item numbers so you may get them yourself. Thanks for watching and please like, share and subscribe.

WHITE FOOD GRADE 5 US Gal. Bucket - 1 EA. - With Handle
Internet #300197644
Model # 005GFSWH020
Store SKU #672358

WHITE 5 US Gal. Bucket Lid, REUSABLE - PACK OF 3 -
Internet #203925466
Model # 209325

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