January 18, 2020

PREPPING 101 - Get Organized - Cont. - January 15, 2020

OK folks, I started getting things organized as requested by a viewer. I am not in any hurry but when I get going, I will not stop until I get tired for the day. And I make make several trips down to move things during the days ahead. But, since there is so much stuff down there being personal items and food, the place will never look like anything as orderly as some food storage bunkers (basements) out there on You Tube. I will be purchasing more metal (some assembly required) shelves as my income allows.....

A yard sale would also help dispose of some of the household items needing a new home. I may create a virtual yard sale for you, my viewers. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing my stuff and possibly taking it off my hands for a small donation.

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