August 9, 2019

Prepper's: EASY SPROUTING, STORING SEEDS for a "SHTF" Scenario | Sprouting 7 Year Old Seeds!

Prepper's Guide: EASY SPROUTING, STORING SEEDS for a "SHTF" Scenario | Sprouting 7 Year Old Seeds!
In this video I go through my storage system for seeds, the materials, seeds and beans I use. I show you how seven year old seeds and beans grown and give many tips in growing and harvesting.
As a Prepper one of the items we need to think about storing is beans and seeds. By storing beans and seeds we can Sprout beans and seeds at home inside without having to use soil.
Sprouts are living food rich in nutrients, enzymes, fibers, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and great for our digestive system. In a situation where we need quick micro greens for our food consumption sprouts are always a great idea!
The seeds and Beans I suggest are

Alfalfa, Clover, Radish, Snow Peas, Chickpeas, Mung beans,Broccoli, Lentils, Adzuki beans,
Mustard seeds, Sunflower seeds, Cabbage, Buckwheat

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