June 9, 2019

PREPPERS are WRONG!!! Sustainable prepping at The Crouch Ranch

The big questions in the community right now are "What is a Prepper"? and "What to prepare for"? Well, how about just be a little more prepared then you are right now! No matter what you are preparing for.. Doomsday, Zombie Apocalypse, loss of job or income.. If you are preparing then you are setting yourself up to have a better chance. This video is mostly about our thoughts on food storage for preppers, specifically storage of meat. Meat storage is an important issue that each of us needs to have a plan for should we no longer have the ability to refrigerate or freeze. We love to have options so yes we do freeze a lot of meat. However, we have a plan for what to do if the grid goes down and that meat is going to spoil... Do you? Sustainable Prepping is what we call it.
The Zombie Apocalypse might not be a real threat but that does not mean there are no real threats.. SHTF is not a joke S will H TF in some way.. Emergency food storage might get you through it.
Thanks for hanging out with us for another episode here at The Crouch Ranch!
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