July 17, 2019

Prepare for Bank Runs and More Power Outages, STHF Prepping, Economic Collapse

Chances are increasing that power outages, bank holidays or bank runs could occur in the U.S. and abroad, considering the more severe weather patterns and aging infrastructure that have been more visible recently. Just like wearing a seat-belt and buying car insurance, preparing for a disaster or power outage should not be looked at as some fringe or conspiratorial idea. In this video report we discuss the recent power outages in New York, the fire risk power outages coming to California, and also the risk for bank runs and bank holidays, considering systemically risky banks such as Deutsche Bank appear to be on the verge if disaster.

Links to news sources discussed in the video are posted here: https://bullboom.blogspot.com/2019/07/prepare-for-bank-runs-and-more-power.html

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