March 7, 2020

My SHTF Guns | Top 5 Types of Firearms YOU Need to Survive SHTF

My SHTF Guns | Top 5 Types of Firearms YOU Need to Survive SHTF
I show you my top 5 guns for SHTF and hopefully help you decide what types of guns you need for prepping.

This subject has a lot of opinions and mine is no different. It is just that, an opinion. Many folks ask questions like, " how many guns do I need for SHTF? " and " what gun should I buy for SHTF? ". Hopefully some of those questions can be answered here in this video.

For more information on what the best SHTF guns to own are, please check out my blog post about the subject here:

If you are interested in purchasing awesome rifle accessories and mods, please visit Matador Arms using this link:

If you need holsters or magazine pouches on a budget, also visit Cytac Store using this link:

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