March 13, 2020

Kershaw Camp 10 machete - from Poor Man’s Prepping subscription box - November 2019

The Kershaw Camp 10 machete is a machete that can take a beating. I received the Kershaw Camp 10 machete in the November 2019 Poor Mans Prepping subscription box. This video features a full review of the Kershaw Camp 10 machete, and some of the tests that I put the Kershaw Camp 10 machete through.

On this channel, you get no nonsense gear and knife reviews, that motivate you to go outdoors and try the gear out for yourself. Likewise, this channel aims to get you better prepared for the next natural disaster, or, heaven forbid, a straight out SHTF scenario. It's irresponsible to fail due lack of proper gear.

I am by no means an expert on gear or knives. Neither are most people who camp, prep or spend time outdoors. With that in mind, my reviews are based off an average person using the gear. This is obviously more realistic than seeing an expert use it.

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