March 9, 2019

Interview with USNERDOC, Ham Radio and First-Aid for Prepping.

We're talking to someone I have been subbed to for years here on YouTube, USNERDOC As the name implies, David is a USN ER Doctor. He posts videos on amateur radio, preparedness, first-aid and medical training and lots of fun outdoors videos.
David also runs AMP-3 a first-aid and radio supply website with well thought out kits and gear.

David has provided a great resource list for the topics we will cover and more.


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Links to products in the video:

Interested in a SlinkTenna?

What radio should I buy?
Get an SDR?
How to program repeaters into your radio
Go Digital:
Setup FT8
Setup JS8Call
Setup PSK31
Using PSKReporter
Emergency preparedness:
Satellites for ham radio:
What Mobile radio should I get?
How to use APRS

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