September 15, 2019

How to Store Food for SHTF

In this video I wanted to share my techniques for storing rice and beans in a long term sense. Although this form of food storage is great for SHTF and is considered long term by most standards, compared to using Mylar it is actually a short term food storage solution. I am using basic food saver bags with a oxygen absorbents in 5 gallon buckets. A very basic but, great way to begin your food prepping adventure!

When you are first starting out as a prepper, it is easy to get involved with gear and toys for SHTF rather than the most vital aspects of survival. Food and water. Once you realize how important those items are, you can start preparing them for long term storage with the idea of SHTF in mind!

This is a beginner video that shows you how to get started with food prepping. It is based on budget equipment that is affordable for most people and can be purchased easily online. If you want more information about food storage both long term or short term for your prepper pantry, feel free to visit:
and I will be uploading more information to my blog there shortly!

If you didn't catch the livestream that Central Florida Prepper and I participated in last night, please click the link below!

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