January 12, 2020

How to Bug Out after the SHTF

Should you bug out after a major SHTF event?
When should you bug out after a SHTF event?
What are some important things to consider when bugging out?

These recommendations are purely based on a long-term event brought on by a possible EMP attack or long-term collapse, and not necessarily compatible with lesser scenarios.

"Survival Scenarios" is taken from the full length instructional DVD, "Survival Bugout" filmed by The Survival Summit and featuring #1 Best-Selling Preparedness Author, Jonathan Hollerman. You can purchase the full instructional video (and other preparedness related videos) at the link below.

Jonathan Hollerman, Founder of Grid Down Consulting & Author of #1 bestselling preparedness guide, "Survival Theory" and the top-ten best-selling “EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots" prepper instructional-fiction series

For more information on Jonathan Hollerman
Visit the website at: https://www.griddownconsulting.com/biography
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Jonathan-Hollerman/e/B00G0909BU
Jonathan Hollerman on Twitter: Twitter.com/GridDownPrepper
Jonathan Hollerman on Facebook: Facebook.com/jonathanhollerman
Jonathan Hollerman on Instagram: @GridDownPrepper

Film and editing by The Survival Summit
Copyright 2017 by Jonathan Hollerman
All rights reserved. Use only by permission!

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