January 22, 2020

Guns, Traps ‘n’ Prepping: America’s Last Outlaw Family

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Misunderstood; dangerously deluded; paranoid or simply a God-fearing family wishing to live in peace outside of the law?

This insight into the Gray’s life shows how they have been able to live and survive off the land in rural Texas, without power, Western medicines or running water.

An incident back in 1999, saw head of the family, John Joe Gray, being imprisoned for 2 weeks for biting an officer during a routine traffic stop. After making initial bail John Joe Gray gathered ammunition and holed himself up in the family-owned 47-acre compound in Trinidad, East Texas, taking his entire family with him. After being approached by the police authorities, defiant Gray gave them a simple warning: Enter the property – and leave in body bags.

Clip from The Gray’s, 2015. Content licensed from Firecracker Films. Any queries, please contact us at info@passiondistribution.com

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