November 28, 2019

Freeze Dried Food for Camping & Emergency Prepping

In this video we answer 3 questions about freeze dried meals... Do we like them? Are they tasty? Why do we even eat them? We try three different brands of freeze dried food to see how they taste.

Some of the meals taste better than others. Some of them are pretty good! With all of them we have learned to let them stand half again as long as the label says. So, if the label says let it hydrate for 10 minutes, we let it hydrate for 15. This way there aren't any surprise bits that are still hard.

The bigger picture as to why we even have and use freeze dried meals came about while making our emergency preparedness plan. When prepping, it's important to identify the emergency and for how long you should, and are able prepare. For us the emergency we plan for is being without electricity and water from the tap for up to 30 days. So we need 30 days worth of food and water (and a way to purify water) for us and the dogs. In case the emergency means we need to home, we have chosen solutions that allow us to take the food and water with us.

Shelf Life of the Long-Term Food Kits
Wise Company: 25 years
Mountain House: 30 years

01:45 What the meals look like before adding water
02:05 Adding water
03:20 Discussion of total preparation time
04:20 How to keep them warmer during prep in cold weather
05:33 Why do we take freeze dried meals on camping trips
05:50 Food emergency preparedness planning
08:05 Package comparison; for camping vs. long term food storage
08:38 Shelf life
09:25 Our favorites
10:29 Taste tests begin
10:48 Tasting Mountain House fusilli pasta with Italian sausage
11:43 Tasting Wild Zora Paleo Meals To Go savory chicken and vegetables
12:45 Tasting Wise Company teriyaki chicken and rice
13:20 Closing thoughts

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