December 2, 2019

Easy Ways To Start Prepping- Tips For Beginning Preppers

Easy Ways To Start Prepping Getting ready for an emergency, or for SHTF? Berkey Water Filter If you’re new to being a prepper, what should you do first? You need to know how to start prepping, and there are a lot of simple, easy steps, tips, and tricks to help you get started with emergency survival. Start with basics, make a plan, gather necessary supplies and gear, and get organized. Decide what emergencies are most likely to occur to your family, your location, stock up, and save cash for emergency funds.



Berkey Water Filter
Aquatainer Water Storage Jug
Aquatabs water purification tablets
Water Storage Barrel
Water Shaker Siphon Hose
Water Barrel Bung Wrench
LifeStraw water filter
LifeStraw water filter bottle
Deluxe Emergency Kit
Battery Lanterns
Water Bob
Gas Can
Food Saver
Food Saver Bags
Foodsaver Jar Lid Attachment
30 Day Food Bucket
Augason Farms Rice
Augason Farms Beans
Mountain House chicken rice
Pinto Beans
5 Day Food Kit

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