July 29, 2019

Don't Come To My House for SHTF !! Prepper Advice on "those" People

We have all had the friend or acquaintance who has said, "I know where I am going for SHTF " or "I'm coming to your house for the end of the world!" OK well don't! There is a huge majority of people out there who have this exact mentality. They prefer not to prepare or invest in themselves and rather plan on using the hard work and efforts of those in the survival and preparation community.

Make sure if you have these people in your midst that you address the situation now! No, you are not coming to my house for SHTF. You are not going to eat my food or drink my water. You better not show up to my front door or it's going to be a problem. Let people with this mentality know this before it's too late. Make sure they have a change of plans!

Also, if you have friends, family or people that you want to be involved with post collapse, make sure you start teaching them now! In a grid down scenario, training ends up being on the fly and not as efficient as it could be otherwise. Teach them the basics of survival and self sufficiency so that when TEOTWAWKI becomes a reality, they are not a burden on your preps.

If you or someone you know is the type of person to say, "I'll just go to Walmart in the apocalypse!" then this video is for you! Please get that mentality fixed before it ruins friendships world wide.

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