May 13, 2019

Dollar Store Survival Gear Shopping for SHTF bug out bag
Got some dollar store survival gear to add to my shtf bug out bag. I am on a mission to prove that you can put together a complete bug out bag from dollar store items.

You will need to visit various dollar store types to get a good variety of items. I have been to three separate dollar stores and now have a pretty good survival bag put together (watch for video). I am just looking for a few more important items.

The bug out bag I am making right now will be a vehicle bug out bag. Hopefully this one will get me to my main survival gear or a shelter. It should keep a person alive for 3-5 days, enough to get to shelter.

In the Army I could march about 20 miles per day. The city, which is the farthest I usually go from home is about 80 miles away. That puts me at 4-5 days from home at the worst on a hard march.

One of the most important items cannot be found in any dollar store though. That would be a good water filter. Everyone should have the ability to filter water on the run if needed. Iodine tablets can be used in a pinch if you pre-filter the water first using coffee filters to get the junk out.

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