December 20, 2018

DIY Portable Solar Generator off grid Grid Down SHTF Intro

Hello Operators
Portable 12 volt power is critical to the field radio operator. Normally we use small lightweight battery packs to power our HF Radios for a few hours at a time, during casual #portable communications. When we are faced with an Grid Down emergency or black out, portable emergency power becomes much more complicated. Not only do we need to ration the power we have, we also need to come up with ways of recharging our battery storage, if it is depleted. Some operators use combustion generators, some power communications gear from their vehicles. other deploy solar generators, for a near endless supply of emergency power, when in the right hands.
In todays video we go thourgh my concept for a man/woman portable, 576 watt hour 12 volt #solar #generator , to power our stations, lighting and other devices, for a maximum of 24 hours before ever plugging in a solar panel.

This concept for a DIY Solar Generator is presented as an alternative to commecial solar generators, which rarely meet the needs of the field radio operator

Recently we have seen lots of solar generators on YouTube. Many think a large Inergy Kodiak is going to save us in a grid down SHTF disaster. Well that may or may not be true. What is true is trying to run your skill saw with a solar generator, is a ridiculaous waste of resources for anyone taking prepping or prepareness communications seriously.

Portable Power is one of those topics the channel has received the most push-back about, from commercial battery suppliers. Unfortunately, many commercial solar generators, simply do not fir the requirements for operators and the preparedness communities, wanting to deploy practical efficient portable solar power during a grid down scenario,. In fact,it seems the commercial solar generator market has ignored the grid down disaster of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and other parts of the carribean. Hurricane Irma also caused significant brown and blackouts during and after it was downgraded to a tropical storm. The need for a practical, easy to build diy solar generator not only offsets cost, it allows us to build a solar generator with the correct features and capabilities for bugging in, or bugging out diring a grid down disaster.

For an Emergency Communications perspective, this diy solar generator becomes a module for a EMCOMM ARES, RACES, RAYNET go box being deployed in the field.

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Help push this project forward faster, use this link to buy some Powerwerx or Anderson Powerpole gear from ebay:

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