March 4, 2020

Coronavirus? Why Is Texas Out Of Water? - How I've Been Prepping!


Thank you for watching, Tell me what is going on where you are? Please comment below, what is happening where you are, as well as what you are thinking and feeling about this whole situation!

I have been following this whole Coronavirus ordeal very closely, and I honestly do not know what to make of it. I can't tell if it is more seriou than they are telling us, or if it is being blown out of proportion with fear. There is so much confusion surrounding it.

I do know every decade has been brought in with death, and fear tactics to keep people on edge. Just look back at history. With that said I wanted to share what I am doing to prepare!

At this point do what you can when you can, and if you cannot do much meditate to raise your vibration, and build your immune system.

I talk about how to prepare your mind, body , and home in this video Below:

This video started out as a video about how I was stocking up, but as I got into, I realized that something weird was going on in Texas, with the water. We have pretty much no water on the shelves.

Where are you? Do you have water in the stores?

I have been stocking up on a little as I go, what I can when you can. And if you cannot afford water, there are other options.

Don't worry, where there is a will there is a way! If you are reading this, you are STRONG, And you will persevere.

I am in a more wealthy area than most, and they do say the more money you have the more in the know you are... And this could be why we have no water here.

All in all , keep your head up, and your faith strong! We will get through this. Pray for all those affected!

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As Always Many Thanks and Much Love
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