March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Hysteria: This is SHTF...

The Coronavirus pandemic has everyone in a panic. Store shelves are clear, toilet paper is nowhere to be found and now there is a run on guns and ammo in some places. While the Coronavirus is hardly the plague and we haven't seen Terminators yet, this is definitely an SHTF situation.

STHF doesn't have to be some Mad Max scenario. Rather it's a disruption to our everyday way of life. Personal SHTF could range from loss of a job to long term illness. Whatever the disruption it always pays to be prepared.

Many Preppers are scrutinized for wanting to be prepared with food, ammunition and medical supplies. But as soon as something like the Coronavirus comes along look how everyone else responds. People who don't regularly prepare are running out and buying everything they can, and half the time they purchase items they either don't need or don't even know how to use.

Keep yourself prepped by buying items steadily. When you go food shopping buy one or two canned goods to put away. Once a week/month go to your gun store and buy one extra box of ammo to save. Look for sales on cold medication and first aid supplies. Don't get caught in the panic. Stay safe!

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