December 11, 2018

Bug Out Bag SHTF Be Prepared

subscribe to my channel for more videos of the e46 bmw, jeep renegade, bagged suburban, hopefully more projects in the future.
There will be videos reviewing items as I get them.
Also there will be survival aspect videos mixed in.

I try to put a video up every Wednesday. and Saturday

----------About Me----------
Name: Allan
Age: 44
Location: Virginia
Instagram :

----------My Vehicles----------
Daily Driver: 2015 Jeep Renegade
Minibike: Murry Minibike
Project: 1987 suburban
Project: 2000 bmw 323ci

----------My Equipment----------
Canon EOS M10. -- video and vlogs

GoPro Hero 3+ for video

--------- Music --------
Disfigure -blank _ncs

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