July 9, 2019

Bug Out Bag : Get Home Edition for SHTF Prepping

Tore apart my Bug Out Bag and Get Home Bag to do an inventory and decided to share with you all what I have in my bag in order to survive the journey home. A bug out bag is packed for surviving an emergency that requires to leave your location. A get home bag is the same as a bug out bag with a more focused purpose on returning to your location or origin. As a prepper, you try to prepare for any kind of SHTF event that may occur. A common occurrence is a vehicle breakdown. In an EMP or solar event, that may mean you're going to hoof it back to where those you love most are. Make sure you have the proper gear with you on those longer road journeys to make that a possibility. Also, keep in mind that your EDC or everyday carry is additional gear that should compliment your bug out bag. Personally, I carry a knife, multi-tool, flashlight, pen, wallet, phone and a CCW. Because of this, I make sure my bug out gear also compliments my EDC. Other items you'll want for basic survival include; First Aid Kit, Water Purification, Fixed Blade Knife, Food, Fire Starters, Basic Shelter Components, Socks, Self Defense Gear, Hygiene Basics, Mess Kit & More. Don't forget, little emergencies happen all the time so sometimes staying prepped just means having a change of clothes!

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