August 7, 2019

Are You Prepared for SHTF?

When it comes to survival, having a stockpile of stuff is not enough.

All too often people concentrate on the gear they need rather than the skills that will serve them well in a true SHTF situation.

And yet, when it comes to preparedness skills, there is no hard and fast set of rules. There are simply too many variables for a one size fits all list of things you must know and things you must learn if living conditions and economic realities become dire. It is important to think about what is best for your unique situation.

Your skills will mean you have value even if most everything is stripped away from you. Gaining skills during good or at least better times is the way to go because although you can learn during a long emergency or SHTF, it is best to have a few things you do well and that you learned under less stressful circumstances.
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