March 18, 2020

Are We Headed Toward a LOCKDOWN? What Will Run OUT Next?

Are we headed toward a lockdown? What will run out next? Are we headed towards a depression? Let's try and answer these questions while staying prepared for any kind of SHTF that comes our way!

Prepping for SHTF is starting to become a normal part of life. However, the panic and chaos that is being caused by the masses all starting to prepare at the same time is leading us toward a lock down of the United States of America. With martial law imminent and martial law 2020 looking like a new slogan, as long as things continue to progress at the rate they currently are, we are looking at a full on lock down soon. Are they shutting down the interstates? If things don't change soon, then yes.

Although many of us are asking the question, "Are we headed towards a recession?", an economic collapse could just be the icing on the cake after the lock down takes place. With the current restrictions on trade, travel and now the retail market, we are almost living in one right now. Expect the US grid on lockdown sometime soon.

Part of SHTF prepping 2020 is welcoming all of the new preppers to our community. IF you are asking questions like, "how to become a prepper?" or "what if Im not prepared?" then please subscribe to the channel so we can all help each other learn and prepare together.

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