August 3, 2019

Are Central Banks Prepping for a Gold to Dollar Reset?

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It’s a long way down from being the second largest bank by assets, in 2007, to the walking zombie bank that Deutsche today. And while central bank QE free money and several funding rounds have enabled this zombie to keep walking, a large client hedge fund run has begun, as RenTech, one of Deutsche’s largest hedge fund clients, began pulling funds. As this run has heated up, Bloomberg reports that “clients are pulling about $1 billion per day” out of the bank. Do you think their small retail customers know this?
On July 26, 2019, the ECB (European Central Bank) announced that the CBGA (Central Bank Gold Agreement), that had first been instituted in 1999, to coordinate central bank gold sales, was no longer needed. Could central bankers be setting up gold to move toward to its fundamental value?


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