March 14, 2020


Hey guys!

I decided it was best for my family to stock up on food/necessities while they were still available. I’m glad I went when I did because there was very limited product available and I’m sure today (Friday) most things will be gone because most people get paid on Fridays. I’m not sure if people are stockpiling or if it’s just the huge increase of people buying these products in preparation. I don’t believe local stores had enough supplies for everyone in the community to even buy one (one container of Clorox wipes, one case of water, toilet paper, etc) if your store has 25 containers of wipes on hand, I am sure more than 25 people in your community are out to buy them. Are you guys stocking up or are you confident in your local stores to be able to restock after all the panic buying?

All of the food I bought for this stock up grocery haul can be frozen or has a long shelf life in the event that it is not needed 🤞🏻

Stay safe, friends!

For up to date information on the Coronavirus:

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